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10/28/2009, Atlanta, GA.

GEMINAR launches to iSpace on iSpaceship ETHERMEDIA!

GEMINAR the all-American Astronaut-turned-superhero comic book now orbits over 82+ Countries worldwide in the iTunes Appstore!

The last time you read about GEMINAR was when he was preparing for iLaunch at ETHERMEDIA. We are thrilled to announce that the launch was successful. Following Apple's approvals the past couple of weeks, the 3 part series of GEMINAR Issues 1, 2 and 3 are now live in iTunes Appstore!

GEMINAR Issue 1 is FREE for a limited time only at the Appstore. It can be downloaded from the Appstore from your iTunes desktop or iPhone or any generation of iPod Touch by visiting the Appstore. It can be directly downloaded at http://tinyurl.com/geminar . The other two parts of Geminar can be downloaded for $0.99 each.

Contact ethermedia@iRemedi.com for more details on how to launch your popular work in iSpace!

About Terry Collins

Terry Collins is a professional writer for comic books, novels and Movies. In recent times, Terry was a writer of the popular KUNGFU PANDA or SHREK’s Kids books and related projects that have thorougly entertained millions worldwide. Terry past creative endeavors includes putting words in the mouths of such iconic characters as Bugs Bunny, Jughead Jones and Scooby Doo. He has written children’s books, adventure novels, comics and even an educational graphic novel about Bigfoot! Today, Terry works for DreamWorks on projects such as KUNGFU PANDA, MADAGASCAR and MONSTERS VS ALIENS.Enjoy Terry’s blog.

About Al Bigley

Al is a professional artist for comic books, movies and related merchandise. Al’s work on some of the classic BATMAN and SPIDERMAN comics are something to treasure. You will find Al's art shining through in Monster’s Inc., for DISNEY ADVENTURES magazine, as well as on projects spotlighting Shrek and Archie. Al is also sought after by Companies such as NASCAR, McDonalds etc., for special Merchandise and Art projects. Learn all about Al at his website.

About Geminar

GEMINAR is the tale of an all-American astronaut lost in space only to become a reluctant cosmic Superhero. Geminar's adventures in the Universe saving planets from spacevillains and his brush with complicated space warps leave us sorting fact and fiction as we race to the climax when Geminar challenges his limits to solve the mystery of his own super-powered existence. Geminar Issue 1 has launched, Download Geminar free for a limited time from the Appstore! Stay tuned for Issues 2 and 3 to soon arrive to the Appstore! Visit Geminar's facebook page.


ETHERMEDIA features very popular media content including comic books from various parts of the world. Since ETHERMEDIA’s success from the initial launch of a major publisher from Asia, more and more publishers are partnering with iRemedi to bring their rich content to Apple’s iTunes Appstore.

Stay tuned for ETHERMEDIA portal launch in the holiday season. To learn more about ETHERMEDIA, please visit our blogsite.

About iRemedi

iRemedi is an Apple approved development company for the iPhone Platform. iRemedi is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. iRemedi’s ETHERMEDIA is an innovative media viewer solution for the iPhones and iPod Touches. iRemedi works with rich media and content providers to bring their popular content to the iPhone in an amazing pace. To learn more about us, check our website.














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