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03/09/2010, Atlanta, GA.

FunnyBone Comics Inc., signs up at ETHERMEDIA!

FunnyBone Comics Inc., from Orange, California signed up to bring their popular Oinky Piggy to the iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads worldwide!

FunnyBone Comics’ flagship Oinky is a curious, energetic and imaginative seven year old. He’s willing to take on any challenge no matter how hard it may seem, only to discover he’s still a kid and needs help sometimes. He uses his imagination at times to turn a boring day into adventure and excitement. Oinky often wears his favorite blue baseball cap and blue shirt, with brown shorts and white-toed blue sneakers. Even in the gloomiest of moment, Oinky can see the bright side and laugh about it. Oinky’s family consists of Mom, Dad and old sister, Sally. Even though Oinky is the youngest in the family his opinions matter equally when making family decisions.

OinkyPiggy will be available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.

We warmly welcome OinkyPiggy to ETHERMEDIA. Stay tuned for Oinky to arrive on an iPhone, iPod or iPad near you soon!

About FunnyBone Comics., Inc

FunnyBone Comics Inc., is a venture fromed by a former Yahoo executive, Nickelodeon/Cartoon network writer and a talented illustrator and is based out of Orange, California. Besides lovable cartoon strips and comic books, FunnyBone Comics also engages kids in coloring pages, games and widgets.To learn more about FunnyBone Comics, please visit our website.


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Stay tuned for ETHERMEDIA portal launch in the holiday season. To learn more about ETHERMEDIA, please visit our portal.

About iRemedi

iRemedi Corp., is a creative solutions provider and Apple approved developer for the iPhone platform. iRemedi develops innovative solution frameworks in a variety of domains. iRemedi’s ETHERMEDIA is a revolutionary touch media viewing and content delivery platform and portal for popular content from worldwide. To learn more about iRemedi, please visit our website.














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